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Long Term Success for Non-Profits

You have big dreams and organizational goals. I am a partner with strategies 
to get you there.

Organized Desk

Let's Be Game Changers.

When you're in the day-to-day weeds of servings others, it can be hard to see a way through. Your mission means everything, but sometimes it feels daunting.
That's where I come in. 

Taking Notes
Strategic Planning
Working from Home
Interim Support
Revewing Graphs
Campaign Management

Meet Kristi

Through 20 years of fundraising and nonprofit leadership, I've watched organization after organization hire consultants only to be left with unsustainable plans and a binder
soon gathering dust.

I'm committed to partnering with you to operationalize
practices and deploy innovative strategies that work for your organization. I leave my client with not only concrete, actionable plans and momentum, but an ally for the future. 


"Kristi has such a strategic mind, but is willing to get down in the weeds with non-profits to help them do the work that needs to be done. She can see the big picture of what an organization needs and wants to accomplish, but knows how to plan all the logistics and details that go into developing tasks and timelines for the goal."

Kristi Reynolds
President and CEO, Community Foundation of Boone County


"Kristi possesses a wonderful combination of mission-driven passion and detail-orientation execution. Her authenticity and professionalism enable her to work effectively with an extremely broad range of people. Simply put, she helps build worthy organizations to deliver life-changing experiences."

James Hamstra
Lead Scout Volunteer

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