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Long term fundraising success starts with a strategic partner that will come alongside you and your organization to build a sustainable fundraising base for the long haul. 

Clients Served


Strategic Fundraising Operations Courses

I am here to support you in all things fundraising. Whether your agency has  an annual budget of $500K or $15M, a one person shop or a 12 person development team, you can engage in a version of support that is right sized for you.  

Learn more about the courses offered and how you can get started!

Campaign Management 

Whether your organization is celebrating a special anniversary, kicking off planned giving, or preparing for a capital campaign, you need a partner that will take on the campaign management so you can focus on daily responsibilities. 

  • Strategies, tools, and timelines

  • Donor engagement

  • Resource management

  • Meeting facilitation


Interim Support

Fundraising and engaging with donors can’t stop when your organization has an open development position to fill. I bring expertise and continuity, ensuring donors and staff have what they need and your fundraising stays on track.  


  • Day-to-day task management

  • Meeting & event facilitation 

  • Committee leadership 

  • Recruiting, interviewing, and onboarding

Speaking and Facilitation

Ongoing professional development is vital to the success of an organization. It can be difficult to find the right training that addresses all of the areas for growth without your team spending hours or days in sessions that only somewhat apply. I’ll design an inspiring keynote, custom workshops, retreats, or training for your organization to address your team’s challenges and fit into your timeline.


Looking for something different?

The fundraising process can be overwhelming and time consuming, which is why it's important that you find the right strategy for your needs. If you have a unique need, don't hesitate to contact us. Kristi Howard-Shultz Consulting specializes in providing custom solutions!

Sound like I might be a good fit to support your fundraising success?

"Kristi is a master at communicating which is the key to any successful relationship and relationships are the key to fundraising. She is highly responsive and accessible and uses her skills and expertise to build relationships with staff, board and key stakeholders to propel the work of the organization forward. She works hand-in-hand with our team to provide an overarching framework and practical action steps that drive success. Kristi understands the dynamic of both large and small nonprofit environments and is adaptable to meet the needs of her client."


Becky Terry

Executive Director, Boys & Girls Club of Noblesville

"After working with Kristi for many years, I have learned that she is such a valuable asset and partner. Kristi is one of the most friendly, professional, and attentive people I’ve ever worked with. She truly goes above and beyond to understand her task at hand and is a natural leader. Kristi has a clear drive and passion for youth and consistently stays in tune with community needs. She does a phenomenal job learning about organizations she is working with to get a true understanding of their needs and creates a plan curated towards the organization’s goals. She is my “go-to” anytime my nonprofit needs support."


Melissa Yarger

Advocate, Carmel Youth Assistance Program

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